Cherie Trentini

Ways to win my heart 1. Buy me coffee 2. Make me coffee 3. Be coffee

The Honey Cup

September 10, 2018 Oxnard, CA

I am SUPER excited to introduce you to the Honey Cup Coffee and Kitchen! This place is exactly what this area needed. I visit my family here several times a year and had accepted the fact that there was no decent coffee shop near by (Starbucks doesn’t count!). This new find thrills me and completely exceeds my expectations. ATMOSPHERE 5/5 Who knew that such a town could produce this good of a coffee shop? Unique, fresh, good food and goodRead More

A Stella place to go

August 23, 2018 Coffee Houses, Denver, CO

A Stella place to go 😉 Stellas is my most visited coffee shop to date. It is the first coffee shop I ever went to when I was visited Denver, looking to move here. This coffee shop offers so many things that I love and I hope you end up loving the place as much as I do….. so go check it out if you haven’t! Atmosphere I feel like there are multiple atmospheres combined into one place. Inside, youRead More

Pablo’s on 6th

August 23, 2018 Denver, CO

Pablos on 6th They must be doing something right, as they were recently tagged in 5280’s editors choice, and they roast coffee for one of my favorite coffee shops in Denver. However, I must admit that this was not one of my top coffee shops to visit. I don’t intend to go out of my way to go back, but I’ll check out their other locations…for science! ATMOSPHERE The Pablo’s location on 6th and Washington is a very casual placeRead More


December 9, 2017 Paris, France

The International travels have begun… with PARIS! Ahhh… the city of AMOUR. As coffee lovers, we were both excited to explore the coffee and thrills of Paris. We quickly realized that our plan to write reviews of all the coffee houses we visited in Paris was impossible. The entire city was a virtual coffee house. We never had to wonder where to go get coffee. It was constantly in front of us. We found coffee behind every other door we entered.Read More