Coffee Emporium (part 2)

January 7, 2018 Cincinnati, OH


My second Coffee Emporium exprience, and I still love this local Cincinnati chain. It’s a very different feel than my introduction to the chain, offering the same great things in a more homey local.

Atmosphere 4.5/5

The Hyde Park Coffee Emporium is oldest coffee place in Cincinnati. It’s been at this quaint neighborhood location since 1976. The offerings are the same as the other locations, but the vibe is quite different. Downstairs is crowded, filled with all-things-coffee to buy, eat, and admire. The tight space seems to always have a line to the friendly baristas eager to tell you about their town. Upstairs, you will find tables to sit, work, and enjoy your coffee.

Coffee 4/5

Really Good Coffee. Roasted in the city. High quality. Must try.

Other Offerings 5/5

Baked Goods, Snacks, Pastries, and all of it’s quality. Hyde Park doesn’t offer to the “real food” selections you can find at the OTR location.

Workability 4/5

Upstairs is the only place to sit, but the tables are tight, the area is noisy, and outlets are a little harder to find. If you are good at tuning the world out and keeping your mobile office confined to a small area, this is a great place to work.  You would need to get their early to stake a claim. If it’s too crowded, we recommend heading to OTR.

Date Appropriate 5/5

We have it on good authority that the community table upstairs is a place to meet your future mate. One of Cherie’s friends met her future husband here, just because space was crowded. We can also say it’s a great place for a date, snuggling up with your sweetie or sitting across from her while she works on a blog.


3316 Erie Avenue
Cincinnati, OH, 45208