A Flight of Kombucha at Nixon’s

November 14, 2017 Denver, CO

Nixon’s is a cute coffee and tea house with a comfortable feel. Garage doors open to the street front, granting a perfect place to sit on a nice day. The location feature’s cold brew and Kombucha on tap, tasty espresso, and a selection of basic pastries and pre-made sandwiches. They have a couple gluten-free items on the menu.

The environment is conducive to talking, working, or relaxing.

Atmosphere: A solid 7/10. Decorated with a modern semi-industrial feel, the feel is a pleasing combination of comfort and function. Edison light bulb’s hang from the ceiling, wood boards accent a wall. The music was quiet enough to not impede conversation but loud enough know what it was. At one moment, we couldn’t help but dance across the smooth concrete floor. The owner’s were extremely friendly, making sure we had a good time, and even offering to walk outside to take a picture of us (see below).

Coffee: All the coffee here is roasted here in Denver by Kaladi, which happens to be one of Cherie’s favorites so far

Cold Brew: For the sweet tooth in you, try the Venetian Creme. A creamy delight with a touch of chocolate.

Kombucha: We didn’t expect to find this when we walked in, so we pulled an audible and had two flights of Kombucha. We recommend Ginger InDevotion.

Espresso: Extremely smooth. Served in double shots, which we find a definite plus.

Food offerings: Relatively standard fair for a good coffee house

Workability: The noise was not overwhelming or distracting. It was easy to spend hours here with our portable offices (which sounds fancier than simply saying “Macs”)

Date place: It was an easy place to feel like we were “alone” in a crowd. The chairs and benches are metal or wood, with no comfortable couches in sight. It would be a grand place for a first date or a casual meet-up, but don’t expect the snuggle time-by-the-fireside feels.

Visit: 695 E Louisiana Ave, Denver, CO 80210      Nixon’s Coffee House

Wifi: Nixon’s Coffee House, password: welovecoffee