Dad Jokes

Bryan is featured every Friday telling a great terrible joke on the Voice of Alexandria with Tommy Lee. Make sure to tune in this Friday and check it out!  If you need your dad joke fix now, don’t worry! Past episodes of “The Punch Line’s Apparent” are linked below.

TPA-E1 – What’s the difference between a dad joke and a bad joke?
TPA-E2 – How do you find Will Smith in the snow?
TPA-E3 – What kind of jeans does Mario wear?
TPA-E4 – They are putting bar codes on Norwegian ocean vessels
TPA-E5 – Did you hear about the guy that tried to board an airplane with a crow and a vulture?
TPA-E6 – French fries aren’t made in France!
TPA-E7 – I’m adding chemistry jokes to my repertoire.
TPA-E8 – Did you hear about the guy who died from eating garlic and chickpeas?
TPA-E9 – I’ve had to start putting my foot down + How does Darth Vader know what Luke is going to get him for Christmas? (Star Wars)
TPA-E10 – Why are Ewoks so soft-spoken? (Star Wars)
TPA-E11 – Why is Yoda afraid of 6? (Star Wars)
TPA-E12 – How do Reavers clean their spears? (Firefly)
TPA-E13 – Jon’s relationships (Game of Thrones)
TPA-E14 – Leaving the “Red Wedding” early (Game of Thrones)
TPA-E15 – (Game of Thrones)Coming Soon