Proposal Story

Hunting Hollywood

December 12, 2018: : Proposal Story

After exploring Pandora, we had to head back to the hotel to attend the time share presentation. After resisting their hard-sales pitch, we changed parks. It was time to explore Hollywood Studios, a land filled with Star Wars, Broadway-esque productions, and clue hunting. The clue had mentioned watching a show, so we stayed for a Star Wars  production.  Cherie found the clue under her feet when the show was over. There was a lot to unpack in this clue andRead More

Searching Pandora

December 12, 2018: : Proposal Story

We spent the next morning in Pandora, sadly having to miss Avatar Flight of Passage due to a 3 hour line. Instead, we checked out the Na’vi River Journey. Cherie noticed that the ride description had the word “search” in it. This aligned with the “seek and ye shall find” part of the first  clue. It made sense that we attempted to search the Na’vi River. The search paid off. Near the end of the ride, Bryan grabbed an envelopeRead More

The First Clue

December 12, 2018: : Proposal Story

Cherie knew that we were going on a trip to Orlando. I had scored a heavily discounted vacation by agreeing to a 2 hour Hilton timeshare presentation. Our trip plans included Disney, Disney, Harry Potter, and more Disney. Cherie had her list of things to do, places to see, rides to take, lines to stand in, and characters to photo-op. We landed, checked in to the hotel, and headed to Mickey’s Christmas party. Cherie had the Christmas party experience plannedRead More