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I wasn’t quite done with surprises

December 17, 2018: : Proposal Story

When we got back to Denver, Cherie found that my apartment had gained new additions to the walls.  There was an original painting by Amber Schneider. It was a tribute to our first visit in Paris. Cherie’s favorite picture from that trip (right) inspired Amber’s masterpiece. Amber had the idea to add an engagement ring to the painting. There was also a limited edition Thomas Kincaid print. Cherie had always wanted to have a Disney Kincaid. And a sketch ofRead More


December 13, 2018: : Paris, France, Proposal Story

I knew Cherie would figure out that something was afoot. I knew she would figure out that I was proposing.  The part that she never expected was when, the next day at brunch at Le Soufflé, some of our closest friends and family from America “just happened” to be there, waiting in a private dining room. Some friends and family that weren’t able to make it to Paris had sent videos, which Cherie got to see right after being surprisedRead More

To the Top

December 12, 2018: : Paris, France, Proposal Story

We headed to the top of the tower, and you can guess the rest. The final line of the clue was inside the ring box. It simply said, “Will you marry me?” (She said “Yes”)

Back to Paris

December 12, 2018: : Paris, France, Proposal Story

It’s important to remind our readers that the first time Cherie and I said I love you was after having dinner in the Eiffel Tower.  I have repeatedly told her “I can’t propose, because there’s no way I can ever top that.” The plan was to head from Mont St Michel to Montmarte, check-in to the airbnb, and then head to the Eiffel tower. Plans were changed as we hit a road block by the yellow-vest protestors and then trafficRead More

Mont St Michel

December 12, 2018: : Paris, France, Proposal Story

Built in the 14th century, this abbey is a marvel to behold. The tides cause it to become an island. During the highest tides of the year, passage to the island is blocked as the road is covered by water.  Cherie and I stayed overnight at La Tête Noire and our hosts, Jean and Inès were fantastic. They are 2 of the 18 people who actually live on the island. 12 of those 18 are monks. Cherie’s next clue was foundRead More