Lovers (of Coffee)

Playground Date

We love coffee. We love dance. We love travel.

This blog chronicles the caffeinated journeys of Bryan and Cherie amongst wondrous coffee spots in Denver, across the nation and around the world.


The idea for this website was born when Cherie mentioned her desire to get to know unique coffee places around Denver.  Flirtatiously, she asked if I’d join her in warm caffeinated adventures. We decided to turn our dates and hangouts into expeditions that could benefit other coffee enthusiasts, lovers, mobile workers, readers, and anyone that ever has a reason to visit unique coffee places.

We decided to evaluate coffee houses within the following categories:

  • Atmosphere: What’s the feel and environment? Is this a cozy place to relax? A noisy place bustling with too much caffeine? Does it make us feel like we want to return? Or want to get out as soon as possible?
  • Coffee: What’s the quality of the coffee? Did this just come out of the back of 7-11 truck? Or from the best beans in the most remote regions of the world? Does the aroma and taste seduce us?
  • Other Offering: Food and snacks are not requirements for a coffee place, but it’s good to know what other offerings exist.
  • Workability: Is this your new remote office?
  • Bring A Date?: Romance level. Cuddle space. Ease of getting lost in the world of just the two of you, no matter what else is happening around you.
  • Other: Whatever else happens to grab our fancy

Who Are We?

If we get enough caffeine, more information will be added



Ways to win my heart

  1. Buy me coffee
  2. Make me coffee
  3. Be coffee



To Do:

  1. Buy coffee
  2. Make coffee
  3. ...

(I guess the coffee thing worked, we got engaged.)

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