I wasn’t quite done with surprises

December 17, 2018: : Proposal Story
Photo taken in Paris November 2017

When we got back to Denver, Cherie found that my apartment had gained new additions to the walls.  There was an original painting by Amber Schneider. It was a tribute to our first visit in Paris. Cherie’s favorite picture from that trip (right) inspired Amber’s masterpiece. Amber had the idea to add an engagement ring to the painting.

There was also a limited edition Thomas Kincaid print. Cherie had always wanted to have a Disney Kincaid.

And a sketch of Pascal, bearing the ring


  1. mark kramer says:

    I think that, in my lifetime, this has to be the most romantic true love tale I have ever read. It befits Cherie and her hopes and dreams. Since I met Cherie so long ago when she was but a wee lass of nine years old I can say wholeheartedly this is her dream come true.

    Good luck to you and Bryan, Cherie.

    Love, Mark

  2. Debbie Davis says:

    Bryan, what an epic tale. Your creativity, energy, and romance are enviable! You get more done before 9am than I do in a decade!!
    Clearly, you are a prince; she is a princess. It is so, SO right that you are betrothed.
    Congratulations and love to you both.

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