Waiting at Home

December 12, 2018: : Proposal Story

When we got  back to her place, a new piece of art was mysteriously hanging on her wall. Cherie knew that no one should have been in her apartment after we left for Orlando. (I had run inside at the last minute to “get something” as we were leaving for the airport).

It was a print of   Christopher Clark‘s “Diagon Alley”. Chris had done something quite special to this particular print. When Cherie looked closely, she noticed that we had been painted into it, walking between Dumbledore and the mischief-managed trio!

Behind the art was one half of clue. Underneath Syndey‘s bed was the other. When placed together, they informed Cherie that she was going away for a week, needed to keep her client-schedule free, and had to wait five whole days before finding out more information.

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