September 2018

The Honey Cup

September 10, 2018: : Oxnard, CA

I am SUPER excited to introduce you to the Honey Cup Coffee and Kitchen! This place is exactly what this area needed. I visit my family here several times a year and had accepted the fact that there was no decent coffee shop near by (Starbucks doesn’t count!). This new find thrills me and completely exceeds my expectations. ATMOSPHERE 5/5 Who knew that such a town could produce this good of a coffee shop? Unique, fresh, good food and goodRead More

Visit Arrakis…I mean The French Press

September 8, 2018: : Santa Barbara, CA

The name that’s written above the door, hanging quaintly from a rod iron pole: The French Press. The name that’s displayed on the glass entryway, boldy painted on the wall inside, and the name of their website: Dune Coffee. The history of how these two names refer to the same place is a baffling story of intrigue, mystery, and back-stabbing. It’s a study in feudal society, noble houses, and one Paul Atreides. –If you’re an astute science fiction reader, youRead More

The Andersen’s

September 8, 2018: : Santa Barbara, CA

You might be thinking “that doesn’t look like a coffee house!” and you would technically be correct. This kind of place wouldn’t usually make the blog, but we needed to include it for posterity’s sake. We made an exception to the norm because Andersen’s serves a rich dark custom blend of coffee server European style espresso is Cherie’s favorite brunch location in the known world ATMOSPHERE 5/5 Step into Europe and enjoy this restaurant, bakery, and honorary coffee house.  SitRead More