Pablo’s on 6th

August 23, 2018: : Denver, CO

Pablos on 6th

They must be doing something right, as they were recently tagged in 5280’s editors choice, and they roast coffee for one of my favorite coffee shops in Denver. However, I must admit that this was not one of my top coffee shops to visit. I don’t intend to go out of my way to go back, but I’ll check out their other locations…for science!


The Pablo’s location on 6th and Washington is a very casual place to meet up, maybe have a meeting, get a quick coffee. It was oddly decorated. I was not sure exactly what they were going for in regards to ambiance. The whole place came across as a hodgepodge of random tables, chairs, and couches.


The espresso I tried was  too bitter for my liking. I’m not sure why, as they roast coffee for other Denver locations, and the coffee they send to Stella’s is fantastic.


Pablo’s has a nice open space with tables and chairs, and a back nook with couches and a coffee table. There is NO wifi offered at the shop. You can cheat this if you are an xfinity customer. (just join the xfinitywifi network)


This location would be fine for a casual meet up. It’s not going to set the charts on the romance scale.


3806, 630 E 6th Ave
Denver, CO 80203


—> Cherie’s face when presented with espresso.

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