November 2017

A Flight of Kombucha at Nixon’s

November 14, 2017 Denver, CO

Nixon’s is a cute coffee and tea house with a comfortable feel. Garage doors open to the street front, granting a perfect place to sit on a nice day. The location feature’s cold brew and Kombucha on tap, tasty espresso, and a selection of basic pastries and pre-made sandwiches. They have a couple gluten-free items on the menu. The environment is conducive to talking, working, or relaxing. Atmosphere: A solid 7/10. Decorated with a modern semi-industrial feel, the feel is aRead More

A Fresh Cup

November 10, 2017 Denver, CO

The idea was born when Cherie mentioned her desire to get to know unique coffee places around Denver.  Flirtatiously, she asked if I’d join her in warm caffeinated adventures. We decided to turn our dates and hangouts into expeditions that could benefit other coffee enthusiasts, lovers, mobile workers, readers, and anyone that ever has a reason to visit unique coffee places.   Coffee houses will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Atmosphere What’s the feel and environment? Is thisRead More